2024 Celery Farm Bird Checklist

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Directions: to keep a record of the first time you see each bird species set the observation date and then check off any species observed and submit the form to store your observations.

How it works: only one record for each species gets stored under your email ID for each calendar year. The overall report shows the current year First-Of-Year date for each species recorded across everyone using this list.

Corrections: if you need to fix a mistake, uncheck the record and submit the form to remove it, then open the form again and put in the correct information.

This list of 222 birds is based on eBird data of reported species at the Celery Farm in the previous 10 years as of May, 2023, minus three exotics and various hybrids. If you see a bird not on the list at the Celery Farm, please report it to eBird and it will be added here.

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