The Celery Farm

The Celery Farm

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The Celery Farm is a 107-acre freshwater wetland in Allendale, New Jersey, and is open to the public during daylight hours every day of the year. Dogs are not permitted, and other prohibited activities include fishing, boating, feeding wildlife, littering, picking plants and flowers, operating model aircraft and drones

Over 248 species of birds have been recorded here, and more than 50 are known to breed here. The wetlands and deciduous woods provide habitat for many mammals, fish, reptiles and insects. Current bird sightings, and a wealth of other data, are available at the eBird hotspot for the Celery Farm.

Check out the new Celery Farm Annual Bird Checklist that lets you keep track of which species you have seen over the course of the current year.

Fyke volunteers often using Fyke contributed materials have created and maintain many of the Celery Farm's facilities. These include the footpaths around the preserve, three observation platforms and the bird nesting boxes. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Let us know your interests and availability. Send us a message.

The Celery Farm has a long and varied history, which Jim Wright devoted an entire chapter to in his book In The Presence of Nature. You can read that updated chapter here. Jim also did a 2021 Zoom interview for Fyke with two women who grew up next to the present-day Celery Farm back in the Fifties. The interview is available on YouTube here.

Explore the Celery Farm, finding your way using one of our self-guided list options designed for all ages, here.

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