Preparing to Remove Non-native Plants

Volunteer Opportunities

Deer Exclosure Repair Repairing the Deer Exclosure

Fyke volunteers often using Fyke contributed materials have created and maintain many of the Celery Farm's facilities. These include the trails around the preserve, three observation platforms, the bird nesting boxes, and removing non-native plants. Check out the current Habitat Maintenance projects.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Let us know your interests, skills, and availability. Send us a message.

Site Maintenance Days

The overpopulation of the native deer results in overbrowsing of the native plants they eat. volunteer Tagging Autum Olive Shoots And the absence of those plants makes an opening for non-native plants to proliferate. Fyke volunteers periodically remove the worst offenders because the birds and other wildlife depend on the native plants and the insects they host. You can see the difference by looking inside the Celery Farm Deer Exclosure.

Some projects require tools and a certain level of fitness, but anyone can collect and remove the occasional wrappers and containers that others have neglected to take with them.

Check here for any seasonally organized projects needing people who can help out. Check the volunteer happy volunteer Events page for the exact dates and hours for the annual events and for rain dates.

Spring Celery Farm Cleanup

on the first Saturday morning at the beginning of April.

The winter snow melt reveals what has been left behind by certain visitors or blown in or carried down the Allendale Broook. Many hands make light work. Contact Mike Limatola to let him know you are coming.