Monthly Meetings


Our monthly meetings are held at Allendale Borough Hall, located at 500 West Crescent Ave. Clicking on the "View Larger Map" link on the small map below will open a larger version, where you may create your own custom directions.

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January 25, 2019 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Stephanie Feigin - Red Knots

Every May, up to half a million shore- birds descend on Delaware Bay to restore energy reserves lost after long flights from the Southern Hemisphere. They will double their weight on the protein-rich eggs of the 420 million-year old horseshoe crab, before continuing to the Arctic. But this Story has changed. Over harvesting of horseshoe crabs in the 1990s, has drastically reduced the number of eggs available for shore- birds. Along with other impacts, this has caused up to 80% reduction in the shorebird populations. Join Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey’s Wildlife Ecologist Stephanie Feigin in a presentation about shorebirds, horseshoe crabs, how their populations have declined and our efforts to protect these important species and their habitats along Delaware Bay.

February 22, 2018 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Kumar Patel - Okavango, the river that never meets the ocean

Ecosystems are dynamically interacting systems of organisms, along with the communities they make up and the abiotic (non-living) components of their environment. While all living things form the ecosystem with our planet, none have a greater impact than humans. As we all know, the future of the human race and the hospitability of our planet depends on how well we understand these concepts and the mechanisms we devise to preserve this sanctuary for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. To understand ecosystems, there is no better living laboratory than the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Join my daughter Yogita and me on a journey of discovery, fascination and excitement through this desolate, magical land. Along the way, I hope you will appreciate, as well as we did, the beauty of some of the amazing creatures we share this planet with. I know all of you are dedicated to conservation. This is just a reminder to show you what we are trying to preserve.

March 22, 2019 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Kevin Watson - Polar Bears and Penguins

The frozen polar regions of Planet Earth are home to two of its most iconic species: Polar Bears in the Arctic, and Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic. So familiar from movies, cartoons and commercials, these species are rarely seen in the wild by humans. In 2018 birder and photographer Kevin Watson had the opportunity to travel both north and south, to watch and photograph Polar Bears and Emperors in their remote yet beautiful habitats. We'll explore two realms of ice and ocean, at opposite ends of the planet, and the remarkable creatures that live there.

April 26, 2019 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Edith Wallace - The Mystery Writers' Garden (with a nod to Agatha Christie)

Are you willing to risk everything to eliminate an obnoxious neighbor, co-worker or relative? How? You can get instructions from mystery stories written by the master Agatha Christie or contemporary authors. I've selected plants that grow in northern New Jersey that may be used for their lethal potential. Beware at tea time as some of these plants may be included in your beverage or cake. Might you be the perpetrator or victim? For your sake, you’d be a fool not to attend this program!

May 17, 2019 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Tom & Sharon - Winter Birding Along South Florida’s Gulf Coast

For the past five winters, Fyke members Tom Mitchell and Sharon Ayling have migrated to south Florida’s Gulf Coast to enjoy the subtropical climate and the spectacular abundance of wintering and local birds. They will narrate a slideshow of Tom’s photos taken at some of the region’s most rewarding birding spots across a variety of subtropical habitats from Tampa Bay south to the Everglades.