Monthly Meetings


Our monthly meetings are now held at Allendale Borough Hall, located at 500 West Crescent Ave. Clicking on the "Directions" link on the small map below will open a larger version, where you may create your own custom directions.

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April 25, 2014 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Ospreys in the Age of Satellites and Silicon: Studies of Local Ecology and Long Distance Migration

Dr. Rob Bierregaard has been studying Osprey migration since 2000. From South Carolina to northern New Hampshire, he has tagged 34 adults and 37 juvenile Ospreys with satellite or cell-tower transmitters. His data have highlighted the differences between the paths, both in fall and spring, taken by seasoned adults and naive juveniles. These differences shed light on how young birds find their wintering grounds and learn the routes between wintering and breeding areas. The data from juveniles represent the only dedicated study of their migration patterns and highlight the phases of the annual cycle where juveniles are most vulnerable to both natural and anthropogenic threats.

May 23, 2014 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Birding at 75 MPH

Steven Glynn, author of "Birding at 75mph: A story of my mid-life migration" will introduce his Amazon E-book and will discuss his enjoyment of birding and the natural world, and what motivated him to write about his birding adventures. He'll enjoy sharing his thoughts and discuss the many places he's ventured to and also share some of the digiscoping efforts he's enjoyed capturing of the many bird species he's enjoyed along the way.

May 29, 2014 - 7:30 PM Allendale Borough Hall

Deer Management Program given by the NJDEP

Please join us for a deer management program given by the NJDEP on Thursday May 29th at 7:30 pm at the Allendale Borough Hall. White-tailed Deer are over-populated in our area and cause major damage to native plants in and around the Celery Farm and your yards. They present a danger to motorists and cause disease. We have found that some people are feeding them including a large deer feeding station a few feet off Celery Farm property near the industrial complex that was found in March. Tell your friends in other towns about the presentation as no town in Bergen County has addressed this problem.